Welcome to the new WW:RTIS Modmaker's Encyclopedia

This wiki is to support the creation of more and better mods for the game Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space by Digital Eel, available via Shrapnel Games.

If you don't know what Weird Worlds is, you're missing out. WW:RTIS is my favorite computer game. It has elements of a turn-based space exploration game, spiced up with real-time combat. There's lots of adventure and thrills, plus a fair amount of humor. It's cheap, but has tons of replay value. And you can play a whole game of it in 20 to 40 minutes, so you can squeeze it into your lunchbreak, or between other tasks.

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Getting Started:

To learn more about modding, follow the links from the drop-down menus above - just click where it says "By Topic" or "By Source" to see pages with interesting info on them.

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Goals and Purpose:

My goal is to port over select relevant text from:

Much of this information belongs to Digital Eel, Shrapnel Games, or some modmaker, though very little of it lists any actual copyright terms. My goal is not to supplant that information, nor do I challenge any copyright status, either implied or stated. Instead, I'd just like to compile the useful info all in one spot, then organize and index it, and then add some additional commentaries of things I've gleaned from trial and error.4

So, if something mirrored here belongs to you, and you don't want it on this site, just let me know, and I'll delete it as soon as possible.

Everything that comes from some other source will be called out by a quote box, much like what surrounds this text.
All such quote boxes should start with a line indicating the source. Examples: Source: Modmaker's Guide. That way we can give credit and acknowledgment where it's due.

What Not To Do With This Wiki

There's already a modding community at the Shrapnel Forums, and I'd hate to displace or splinter that community. So, please, don't use this wiki as a place to ask questions, or post your own mods. That sort of stuff should go over at the forums, where more people will see it, anyway. Instead, lets keep this wiki as a searchable database of helpful mod-related wisdom. If you need someone to see it, or answer it, put it at the forums. If it's just something helpful you've figured out about modding, post it here (or both places).

And of course, all the usual netiquette rules apply. Don't start flamewars, don't be a jerk, don't break the law, make sure you list sources when you quote, etc.

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