The word "always" is a FLAG used on Quests and Races.

"Always" in Quests

If always appears in a quest file, it's used in the very first flag line, at the top of the quest, before anything else.

  • If a quest has the "always" flag, it is always activated at the beginning of each and every game. If you're playing a mod with this quest in it, the quest at hand will always be runnning.
  • If multiple quests with "always" are in a mod, and have the same KEYS, the game will only run whichever one shows up first on the list in game.ini. It won't randomize them, it'll just run the one that's closest to the top of the quests list.

Always Quests in Main Game

This is a list of the quests in the (unmodded) main game that use the "always" FLAG.

Possible bugs relating to "always" quests:

Source: Psientist at the Shrapnel Forums
4. If your mod works on larger map sizes but not smaller, you might have too many "always" quests of certain types. I'm not certain of this, but it seemed to fix a problem for me.

I haven't confirmed this myself, and don't know why it would matter. I haven't seen anything else that suggests a hardcoded limit to number of quests running, though I suppose that could result in memory issues if the game is constantly having to track a lot of CONDITIONs.


Source: ExplorerBob at the Shrapnel Forums
It seems that the ALLY ship-granting code doesn't work with the always flag. I attempted to use always + ally to test something, but failed to receive the ship. Changing ALLY to SHIP made it work.

"Always" in Races

If the FLAG "always" appears in a (race).ini file, it means that the race in question is put on the map in every single game.

  • The best example is Klakar.
    • They have the line: "FLAG trader friendly wander always hometrade simulator". It's a mouthful, but it gets the job done.
    • Klakar have "NFLT 1" and "NSTR 1", which makes them have exactly one fleet and one homeworld when they appear (which is every game thanks to the "always" flag).
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