Antigrav is a code / keyword that only appears in one item in the game, the Anti-Graviton Shunt. The line "TYPE antigrav" is what empowers the shunt to keep you alive at black holes, and allows you to enter them and travel between them.

Here's the complete code of the shunt:

NAME Anti-Graviton Shunt
NAM2 an anti-graviton shunt
ICON items/s_system1.jpg 12
GFXP items/l_system1.jpg 12
FLAG tech nomulti unique
DIST dead cold warm hot toxic
TEXT An exotic and powerful gizmo which generates an antigravitic field large enough to nullify the pull of a black hole while affording protection to an entire flotilla of starships.
COST 706 artifacts
TYPE system


TYPE antigrav




  • As you can see, antigrav appears on the second TYPE line, the one within the DATA block.
  • Nothing else is in the DATA block at all, it has no parameters.
  • An item either is, or isn't, an antigrav, and it doesn't appear there's anyway to make an item be an antigrav and something else simultaneously.1
  • So, if you want to make "new" or "different" antigravs, about your only real choice for customizing is changing the SIZE or COST lines, and cosmetic changes to text and appearance.
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