"Chevron" is a keyword that appears on the FORM line of (race).ini files.

The line "FORM chevron" causes that races ships to start each combat arranged in a v-shaped formation, with the point of the "v" aimed at the enemy, like an arrowhead. The order of their ship numbers in the FLT lines determines the order and placement of the ships. The first ship on the FLT line will end up in the lead spot at the intersection of the v. Ships after that alternate being placed on the right and left sides as you go down the FLT line. The last ship on the FLT line will be the furthest vessel away from the enemy.

"FORM chevron" is used in the main game for the Garthan and Tchorak races, though it's less noticeable with the Tchorak because their fleets tend to be smaller.

There's a few clever ways to use FORM chevron, depending on how effective you want them to be in combat.

  • If you put the fastest ships at the front of the line (and slowest at the end) then it will cause the fleet to get into range in staggered waves, with pauses between the waves.
  • If you reverse that order, with the slowest ships at the front of the formation, it will result in the fleet reaching the enemy at roughly the same time. If the differences in speeds are severe, the vessels will break formation as the faster ships in the back move around, or pile up behind, the slower ships up front.
  • If you put powerful ships at the front of the list, it will make the weaker ships at the flanks a little vulnerable to harassment by fighters. At the same time, it will concentrate their firepower versus the core of the enemy fleet, making the spearhead of the formation quite potent.
  • If you place powerful ships at the end of the list, they'll end up out at the far ends, where a clever player with a maneuverable fleet may be able to take them on one at a time, instead of fighting them all at once. Being so spread out, the most potent ships won't be as capable of supporting each other.
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