"Default" is a keyword that appears on the FORM line of (race).ini files.

The line "FORM default" causes that races ships to start each combat arranged in a straight line, so they're all roughly equidistant from the enemy. The order of their ship numbers in the FLT lines determines the order and placement of the ships. If a particular number appears at the end of FLT0, then you know the corresponding ship will be out at the end of their formation.

"FORM default" is used in the main game for the Terran and Zorg races. Kawangi and Klakar use this formation as well, but you might not notice since they don't appear in multiples.

FORM default is most effective on slow-moving homogenous fleets with long-range weapons, as it then allows multiple ships to reach firing range at about the same time. Of course, that doesn't really describe any of the races in the game. It is, however, somewhat similar to the Muktians, who use "FORM protcircle". Protcircle is basically just default, but with the fighters deployed in a circle around the capital ships.

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