The DIST code appears in the (item).ini files of items.

  • DIST determines on what types of planets a given item can spawn, and thus be found.
  • Most tech items, such as weapons, have five of the possible words. A typical DIST line in a weapon will look like this:

DIST dead cold warm hot toxic

  • Lifeforms typically have fewer DIST tags, to restrict them to the logical habitats for such species. For example, the DIST line of the dangerfish is just:

DIST cold warm

  • The none tag should probably not be used in combination with any other tags, as it probably over-rides them. This has not been tested, as far as I know.
  • The one to five words that follow DIST correspond to the PLANETITEMS section of distribution.ini. It links those five words to the different planet classes.
  • An item with all 5 (everything but "none") of the DIST tags can show up at nearly any planet.
  • An item with only one or two DIST tags can only show up at a few planet types.
    • Presumably, this makes the item somewhat rarer, since there's fewer planets for it to have a chance of spawning at. Again, this really hasn't been tested, and none of the official documents clearly spell out how the star map is generated and populated.
  • Additional Planet Classes can be created, by adding them to the game.ini and distribution.ini files, and making (planet).ini files for them. Presumably, this means you can invent new words to follow the DIST code, and have it correspond to the new planets you create, but again, this has not been tested.
  • DIST does not appear to have a direct connection to what can be found in the Klakar Trade Emporium.
    • The Klakar do not appear to duplicate any items found elsewhere in the game, so it may be that items with few DIST tags have a slightly higher chance of showing up with the Klakar, due to process of elimination.3
    • If an item has "DIST none" but lacks "FLAG nogen" it may only be able to spawn with the Klakar or at a homeworld. This too is untested, and it may just not spawn. We don't know for certain.
      • Quests would, of course, still be able to override this behavior.
  • If you remove the nogen FLAG from an item that's hidden in the main game (such as the nova cannon) you'll need to change it's DIST tags in order to get it to spawn. Most have "DIST none".
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