Engine Limitations

From the Modmaker's Guide to the Galaxy, here is a list of the hard, unmodifiable limits of the game engine.1

**Source: Modmaker's Guide to the Galaxy
Weird Worlds mod tutorial: Engine Limitations
Last updated 11/26/2005

This is an up-to-date list of various hardcoded numbers that exist in the Weird Worlds game engine. If you have problems with your mod, check against this list to make sure you're not exceeding something. The data here is for version 1.2 and may differ from earlier versions.

Note that some numbers have been moved into the new numbers.ini.

Gamedata related numbers

GD_MAX_TEXT 192000 - how much memory the game allocates for text content
GD_MAX_MONTH 32 - maximum number of months per year (for custom calendars)
GD_MAX_FXFILES 32 - maximum number of special effect files

GD_MAX_ITEMS 256 - maximum number of items
GD_MAX_ITKEYS 8 - number of keywords (KEYS) an item can have
GD_MAX_ITKEYWORDS 256 - number of keywords that can be defined

GD_MAX_WPSPRI 8 - maximum number of sprites per weapon item
GD_MAX_WPEMIT 16 - maximum number of particle emitters per weapon
GD_MAX_WPSTAG 8 - maximum number of stages per weapon item
GD_MAX_WPSSPRI 4 - maximum number of sprites per stage
GD_MAX_WPSEMIT 8 - maximum number of emitters per stage
GD_MAX_WPSCSTG 4 - maximum number of stage change triggers per stage
GD_MAX_WPSSOUND 4 - maximum number of sound effects per stage

GD_MAX_SYSEMIT 2 - maximum number of particle emitters per system item
GD_MAX_FXEMIT 4 - maximum number of emitters with the same name in effects.ini
GD_MAX_GLOBFX 128 - maximum number of global emitter effects (from effects.ini etc)

GD_MAX_HULLS 256 - maximum number of hulls
GD_MAX_HARDPOINTS 32 - maximum number of hardpoints per hull (note: multiple engines/thrusters count as just one hardpoint)
GD_MAX_HDPPOSITIONS 4 - engine/thruster locations per hull
GD_MAX_HULLFRAGS 8 - maximum number of pre-defined hull fragments

GD_MAX_STYPE 64 - maximum number of star types in gamedata/stars
GD_MAX_SCLAS 64 - maximum number of star classes (for names)
GD_MAX_SNAME 32 - maximum number of names per star class
GD_MAX_PTYPE 64 - maximum number of planet types in gamedata/planets
GD_MAX_PCLAS 32 - maximum number of planet classes (for names, items)
GD_MAX_PNAME 32 - maximum number of names per planet class

GD_MAX_IDISTFLAGS 16 - item distribution flags (dead, cold, warm etc)
GD_MAX_SCORECLAS 16 - maximum number of score categories
GD_MAX_MAPSIZE 3 - number of map sizes
GD_MAX_MISSION 3 - number of missions
GD_MAX_MISSIONQUEST 8 - maximum number of quests activated by mission
GD_MAX_MISSIONJOBS 32 - maximum number of jobs per mission for endgame

GD_MAX_CAPTNAMES 256 - maximum number of random captain names
GD_MAX_SHIPNAMES 256 - maximum number of random ship names

GD_MAX_RACE 32 - maximum number of races
GD_MAX_RTEXT 4 - variations for each text entry in race ini's
GD_MAX_RSHIPS 16 - maximum number of prefab ships per race
GD_MAX_RFLEETS 21 - number of prefab fleets per race (16 normal fleets, 5 homeworld fleets)
GD_RFLEET_HOME 16 - where homeworld fleets begin in rfleets
GD_MAX_RFLSHIPS 32 - maximum number of ships in fleet
GD_MAX_RSHIPSYS 16 - maximum number of systems on a prefab ship

GD_MAX_QUEST 128 - maximum number of quests
GD_MAX_QSTARS 8 - number of STAR entries per quest
GD_MAX_QPAGES 16 - number of PAGE entries per quest
GD_MAX_QCONDITIONS 16 - number of CONDITION entries per quest
GD_MAX_QPAGECMDS 32 - number of commands within PAGE entry
GD_MAX_QKEYS 8 - number of keywords (KEYS) per quest
GD_MAX_QKEYWORDS 255 - maximum number of quest keywords defined

GD_MAX_CREDITS 160 - maximum number of lines in the credits scroll

Other constants

WORLD_MAX_NEBULA 140 - nebular cells on combat map when fighting in nebula
WORLD_MAX_STAR 128 - maximum number of stars on the map
WORLD_MAX_FLEETSIZE 128 - maximum number of ships per fleet
WORLD_MAX_SHIPSYS 32 - maximum number of systems onboard a ship
WORLD_MAX_PASSENGERS 4 - maximum number of passengers that can be carried
WORLD_MAX_INVENTORY 20 - maximum number of items in any inventory
WORLD_MAX_OWE 8 - how many fleets you could possible owe stuff
WORLD_MAX_COLLAPSER 8 - how many collapser bombs may be ticking at once

CFG_MAX_MODS 100 - maximum number of mods listed by the launcher

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