The word "event" serves as a FLAG in quests. It appears only in the first FLAG line, at the start of a quest.

  • If a quest has the "event" FLAG, it may appear as a "random event".
  • On a small map, the game will run 2 such random quests, 3 on a medium map, or 4 on the large map.
    • You can change those numbers / frequencies by altering the EVNT line of distribution.ini.
    • You need to make sure that your mod has at least as many "event quests" in it as are called for by the EVNT line of your distribution.ini. Pay special attention to this if you either increase those numbers, or delete any of the quests from the main game. If the game tries to load the required number of quests, but can't (because they don't exist), it will crash to the desktop.
      • The same problem can happen if your quests use too many overlapping KEYS. Make sure the total number of quests that can run simultaneously is at least equal to the numbers on the EVNT lines.
  • The game selects events from the same "pool" of quests that includes things like epsilon research station, and the jumbo shrimp, so you'll see slightly less of those sorts of quests if you add a bunch of events of your own.

Event Quests in the Main Game

Here is a list of all the quests in the main (unmodded) game that use the "event" FLAG:

Here's that list again, but this time organized by KEYS

KEYS Event quests that have it
broodtowers3 brood, brood2
intruder saboteur, thief
place brood, chasm, colony, epsilon, gardens, glades, quicksilver, underdelve,
spacehulk spacehulk, spacehulk2
unstablestar nova

Curiously, the shrimp, stasiscone, and whales quests lack any KEYS4 and the nova event has a set of KEYS that it keeps all to itself.

The upshot of all this is that the highest value you could set to the EVNT line without causing a crash or needing to add extra quests of your own is 7. That would generate 1 of each category (except broodtowers), plus all three of the KEYS-less events.

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