"Foldspace" is a FLAG used in the (hull).ini files of ships. A ship with "FLAG foldspace" can teleport on the star map, like the Kuti (zorg corvette).

The amount of "downtime" between folding space is set by the "game_fold_time 7" line in numbers.ini. It applies across the board to all folding ships in the game. With the default setting of 7, one week must pass in game time between folding.

The range to which a ship can fold space is set by the "game_fold_distance 128" line in numbers.ini. As with game_fold_time, it applies to all ships that have the "FLAG foldspace". The number 128 refers to (and defines) the maximum folding range on the star map. In this numeric scale, "64" equals 1 parsec, which is the length dimension of one of the squares on the star map. Therefore, if the Kuti (or other ship) can fold 128, it can fold space to travel instantly a distance of up to 2 squares on the map.

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