FORM is a command found only in (race).ini files. It determines what sort of structure that alien race organizes it's fleets into. This determines how they're placed on the combat map, and has some impact on how the battle plays out.

The proper format for the line is "FORM keyword", and there are six possible keywords to choose from. Here's a brief summary:

Source: Mod-Maker's Guide To The Galaxy
default - ships are arranged in a line
chevron - V-shaped formation (e.g. Garthans)
protcircle - Fighters are in a circle around the capital ships
ranks - Ships arranged in rectangles based on type
ambush - The fleet attempts to encircle the player flotilla

In addition to those options, there's also an extra, undocumented, option if you've got the latest patch installed:

  • swarm - ships arranged randomly, and not always facing the right way
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