The word(?) "gamemsg" is a FLAG used on Quests. It's used in the first flag line, at the top of the quest.

  • "Gamemsg" indicates that this "quest" is used for miscellaneous game messages.
  • game_brass.ini and game_pirate.ini both make use of this to tell you when you're running out of time, reached the half way point, etc.
  • The game_brass and game_pirate quests use "never gamemsg".
    • Never tells the game that the quest doesn't load randomly or automatically, that it only loads when prompted by the mission.ini file.
    • If you plan to use any gamemsg quests in your mod, you'll need to make sure that they also use never, and that they are called out (by quest name) on the QEST lines of the mission.ini file.
  • In the game.ini file, the gamemsg quests come after the mainquest quests and the tutorial quest, but before the always, event and ally quests. This order is important.

Gamemsg as a Condition Type

Aside from being a flag, gamemsg is also a CONDITION TYPE. It's used in the same sorts of quests, to actually trigger the game messages. When used in this way, gamemsg is followed by a PAR0 entry, valued at 0 to 5. These trigger at various times and situations in the game. Here's the list:

  • 0: Halfway point in your mission.
  • 1: Two years of mission time left.
  • 2: Out of mission time.
  • 3: Pop-up that explains you must select a flee destination.
  • 4: F1 help screen in starmap mode.
  • 5: F1 help screen in combat mode.
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