Eventually, this page will include information on the graphics files and formats (.jpg and .tga) used by Weird Worlds, and advice on how to make your ships and items look the way you want.

Graphics and Bugs

Problems with graphics files are one of the leading causes of bugs / crashes in WW:RTIS modding. If you accidentally tell the game to generate an item whose .ini files don't exist, the game complains a little, but just skips the item and continues playing. If you tell it go fetch a picture that doesn't exist, it hangs, or crashes to the desktop. So, if you find your mod is crashing a lot, and you can't figure out why, double-check the picture files and GFXP lines of every item, quest, or ship that you haven't personally seen show up in-game. Chances are, one of them is the culprit.

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