KEYS is a code that appears on both quests and items, generally pretty close to the top of the .ini files.

  • KEYS is short for "Keywords"
  • KEYS is used mostly when the game generates the star map.
    • As the game activates quests and places items, it pays attention to the KEYS lines of each of them. Once one thing with a given KEYS entry has been placed, the game will not place another one with the same keyword in its KEYS line.
  • The keywords that appear on the KEYS line are totally under the control of the modder. You can make up any word you want, and use it as a keyword.
    • Theres no other steps or tricks to it. Just come up with a word, and type it on the KEYS line of two or more .ini files. The game does the rest.
  • Any single Quest or Item may have up to 8 keywords.
    • It's unclear whether a 9th keyword crashes, or just gets ignored.

KEYS in Quests

  • No two quests with the same KEYS will be activated.
  • KEYS appears to be of secondary importance. The FLAG line takes precedence.
    • So, if a quest has "FLAG always" and "KEYS intruder" it will be on the map in every game, and prevent any other "KEYS intruder" quests from ever activating.
      • If two quests both have "FLAG always" and "KEYS intruder", only one of them will ever be activated. As much as I'd like that to be random, it's not. As it turns out, the one to activate is whichever one is higher (i.e. appears first) in the QUESTS block of the game.ini file.
    • If two quests have "FLAG event" and "KEYS intruder", then at most one of them will be loaded by the game. It will include both on the list of possible events the game chooses from, but once one of them is placed, they are both taken of the list.
      • A similar condition exists if they have FLAG ally and the same keyword.
  • While any given quest may have no more than 8 keywords attached to it, the game supports having up to 255 keywords between all your quests.

KEYS in Items

  • No two items with the same KEYS will be placed randomly on the map.
    • The Lookout Frogs and the Toy Robot both have KEYS security. The game will usually place one of them on the map. Once one of them has been randomly generated, the game will not place the other one - it's immediately taken off the list of things that might be in the game.
  • The CONDITION type haveitem looks at both item names and item keys. So if a quest had "haveitem security" it would check to see if they have any items with KEYS security, as well as checking to see if they have any items specifically named "Security".
    • If either was the case, it would come back with a "true" result, activate that part of the quest, and store the item's name in a variable.
  • While any given item may have no more than 8 keywords attached to it, the game supports having up to 256 keywords between all your items.
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