This page is about the FLAG that appears on Lifeforms. LIFE is also a code used for weapons and particles - see LIFE (weapon and particle code).

"Life" is a FLAG that appears on many items, mostly lifeforms. The line that contains it usually says "FLAG life", and sometimes has other flags on the same line. (See the items page for a full list). The word "life" can also appear after the command ITMS.

"FLAG life" has two main functions:

  • Use while playing: The life flag marks an item as being of no value or interest to mercenaries. You can't hire a garthan star merc, for example, by offering him a tentacular tiger. If you try, the game flashes up a window saying he has no interest in it, and that you have to choose something more practical, such as an item with the "loot" or "tech" FLAGs.
    • One exception to this is when you are repaying the [[[Klakar]] for helping you in battle, IIRC. Then, they accept "FLAG life" items just fine1. It's unclear to me at the time of this writing whether that's a nuance of the "ACTN trade mercpay" code in the Klakar Beacon, or if it's an effect of the "FLAG trader" line in the Klakar's (race).ini file.
  • Use while modding: When using the ITMS command in the PAGE of a quest or device, you can follow the number with the word life (for example: "ITMS 1 life") to cause the game to restrict the types of items it generates to being only those items with FLAG life.

The life flag has no bearing on whether or not an item contributes to your lifeforms score. The value and score type of an item are based on its COST code, not its FLAG.

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