The word "loot" is a FLAG that appears on items in the game. The line that contains it usually says "FLAG loot", and sometimes has other flags on the same line. (See the items page for a full list).

The loot flag has two main functions:

  • Use while playing: When attempting to hire a mercenary, the game checks the FLAGs of the item you offer them. In general, mercenaries will accept items with the "loot" or "tech" flags, but not items with the "life" flag.
  • Use while modding: When using the ITMS command in the PAGE of a quest or device, you can follow the number with the word loot (for example: "ITMS 1 loot") to cause the game to restrict the types of items it generates to being only those items with FLAG loot.

Effectively, having the "FLAG loot" on something marks it as being of obvious value, even though it probably doesn't do anything. You're certainly welcome to subvert this when making a mod, but the default assumptions seem to be roughly:

  • Most items whose file name starts with it_ will have the loot tag.
  • Most artifacts are "loot".
  • Devices are sometimes "loot" and sometimes "tech".
  • Items that do something, such as systems, are usually given the "tech" flag.
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