The word "mainquest" is a FLAG used on Quests. It's used in the first flag line, at the top of the quest, before anything else.

  • Marking a quest as mainquest denotes that it is an important quest, one that should be the focus of any entire game. Only one mainquest may be active each game you play, and only one game out of five games played will activate a mainquest.
    • If for some reason you don't have the patch installed, the frequency of mainquests is only one in every eight games.
    • If you do have the patch, you can alter this frequency by changing the game_mainquest_freq entry in the numbers.ini file. A smaller number on that entry results in mainquests coming up more often.
    • This is the same pool of quests that the Kawangi, Primordius, and Ravian attacks come from, so if you add more mainquests, you're slightly downgrading the frequency that any one of those show up. If you add a lot of mainquests, you may want to increase the frequency, or else players might never stumble upon one or more of your quests.
  • The game randomly selects among the mainquests when one is triggered. You don't have to put in any other randomization code, it just automatically picks one.
  • It's possible for a quest to have both the mainquest and the "ally" FLAG. This is done in the main game for the Damocles quest. It's selected and triggered as a mainquest, but when it's active it counts against the number of allies populated on the map.
    • If your new mainquest gives the player an extra ship, you should probably put the ally flag on it as well. The proper order for the flags is to use this line: "FLAG ally mainquest".
  • Though this has not (to the best of my knowledge) been tested, it's likely that the game will crash if you remove all the mainquests. It crashes if it doesn't have enough event quests to load, so it follows it may do the same for mainquests.
  • Mainquests must be listed in a particular place in the game.ini file. They go between "tutorial" and "gameover". If you do not place them there, they may fail to load properly.

Main Quests In The Main Game

When Weird Worlds was first released, it featured only two main quests. These were Damocles (quest) and Kawangi (quest).

When the patch was released, it added the quest Brood 2, which introduces the Ravians.

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