"Nomulti" is a FLAG that goes on systems. It never appears on other items, as it would have no effect on them.

  • The "nomulti" FLAG prevents you from having more than one item of a particular system type installed on any given vessel.
    • For example, you can only have one shield, one repair bot, etc.
      • Contrast that with weapons, which allow you to have several (provided you have two or more weapon slots on the ship.)
  • If you go to install an item on your ship, and you already have a system of the same type installed, the new one will replace it, and the old one ends up on your cursor or in your cargo bay.
    • This happens even if you have an empty slot that could hold the item (if not for "nomulti").
  • In the main game, nearly every single system, including all shields, repair bots, the antigraviton shunt, the nebular plow, all ecm and computers, and most sensors have the "nomulti" FLAG.
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