"None" is sort of an item distribution flag.

It doesn't appear on the list of ITEMDISTFLAGS in distribution.ini, but does appear later in that file as the PLANETITEMS entry for gasgiant and homeworld.

It doesn't appear in any (item).ini files that also have any of the other item distribution flags (such as hot, warm, etc) in their DIST line, but it does appear as the sole DIST entry in some items (like the nova cannon) that have FLAG nogen.

The upshot of all this is that if a planet class has "none" as it's item distribution flag, it shouldn't have any items spawn at that type of planet. If an item has "none" in it's DIST line, it shouldn't appear at any planets. However, both of those behaviors are reinforced with FLAGs elsewhere, namely noitems and nogen. There are also examples of nogen without "none", such as the Horloge of Primordius1. It appears the FLAGs may be more important than "none", but it hasn't been tested thoroughly.

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