"Nothief" is a FLAG that goes on items. It protects an item so that it can't be stolen by Esmeralda - she'll only take items that don't have this FLAG.

  • In the main game, Drives always have "nothief". That way, if you swap out your graviton implosion drive for a nebular sled drive to get through a patch of purple, you don't have to worry that you'll get stuck on the other side.
  • In the main game, items that only ever exist on enemy ships also have "nothief". This includes all the fighterbays, and weaponry that is proprietary to the tchorak, kawangi, etc.
    • If you make any of those items available for the players of your mod, you may want to remove the "nothief" FLAG.
  • It's likely that nothief also protects against sabotage, but the official documentation doesn't really address it.
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