NOVA (Quest command)

The NOVA command is a line available for use in Quests to make stars explode. It is used in the Kawangi quest everytime the Yellow Kawangi leave a Planet. It is also used in the nova quest to destroy a star system shortly after the player visits it.

NOVA uses the following format:
"NOVA #1 #2 #3 startype planettype"

In the nova quest:

NOVA 0 30 5 exo_neutron devastated

In the kawangi quest:

NOVA -1 1 1 exo_neutron devastated

The first number indicates which star to blow up. The "0" in the nova quest refers to the STAR 0 STAR block in that quest. It indicates that the destruction should happen to the first (and in this case only) star described in that quest. If your quest had more than one STAR block, you could alter that number to change which star is supposed to blow up. The "-1" in the kawangi quest is special, it works in conjunction with the TYPE fleetleave CONDITION to tell the game to blow up the stars after the Kawangi leaves them.

The second number is a delay. It's the number of in-game days between when the PAGE triggers, and when the star explodes. In the nova quest you have 1 month (30 days) to get away. For the Kawangi, they just blow the place up on their way out.

The third number is the blast radius, which determines how large an area of space is destroyed. Off the top of my head, I believe the number is expressed in light years from the star. Any fleet within that radius will be destroyed unless it has the proper shields.

After the numbers are a star type that the affected star becomes, and a planet type that any planet in its orbit turns into. The exo_neutron and devastated results leave a neutron star and blasted debris behind as default. However, if you're making your own quests, you could easily substitute any other star or planet entries in it's place to model terraforming, doomsday devices, or other concepts. (For more ideas on less novic / explosive alterations to planets, see CHNG as well as PLNT, PLNN, STRT, and STRN.)

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