Problem - Game Is Running Very Slowly

Here's a list of things I've found that can make a mod run really slowly. If you find a mod is running slower than you want it to, there's a good chance one of these is the culprit.

  • Too many particles, especially from weapons during combat. Weapons that rely on a lot of stages or sub-particles can bog the game down, especially if they appear in multiples. You might consider putting the unique tag on such weapons, and/or rearranging fleet compositions so that you never get more than one or two such weapons in a battle.
    • The same can happen with fighterbays that are too aggressive. If you launch fighters in large numbers, or create fighters that launch more fighters, things can get bogged down in a hurry.
  • Time spent computing fleet movements. A mod that make heavy use of "FLET <race> <n> attack <race>" commands to make fleets move around can end up slowed down, especially in the first few minutes of the game, as the program tries to chart out multiple courses for every fleet. Your options here include reducing the number of attacking fleets, or just staggering them like what is done in the ravian quest. You also might try giving the fleets nebular sled drives, or reducing the amount of nebula in distribution.ini, as the delays often have to do with the game repeatedly recalculating trying to find a shorter route through the purple void.
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