Problem - Graphics Display Errors

There's a number of glitches that can happen to make your graphics show up weird in the game. Fortunately, most are simple typo errors, and easy to solve.

We'll diagnose the issues based on what the goofed-up graphics look like. Each of these different visual errors will get a page on this site, explaining what causes the problem and how to fix it.

  • Symptom - Graphics Error - Displaying All Frames - Instead of displaying the single frame of the .jpg (or .tga) that it should, instead it displays the entire image (all the frames!), typically above where the picture normally would be.
  • Symptom - Graphics Error - Distorted Border or Shape - The image for an item has a seriously wrong shape or border, but the image itself displays correctly. It may have as a really long and short rectangular border the runs out the right hand side of the window. Other than the border, and perhaps overlapping things it shouldn't, the image seems normal.
  • Symptom - Graphics Error - Halftone or Bars, Distorted Shape - The image has a distorted shape that possibly exceeds the outlines for their TYPE. They may have black or green bars across them, appear as if a half-tone screen had been laid across them, and/or are missing every-other line of color.
  • Symptom - Graphics Error - Incorrect Border or Shape - The image for an item has the shape or border of a different item type, such as a thruster with the shape of a drive.
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