Problem - Indestructible Ship Error

It's possible to accidentally render a ship (or entire race) invulnerable. Shots pass right through it without ever registering any damage. Beams and projectiles still target it, but pass through as if it wasn't there.

  • Problem: The ship's [.ini files in the graphics folder may have a typo. It was recently discovered that if you have backslash instead of a slash in the MASK line, it confuses the system and prevents the game from registering a hit.
      • Solution: Double-check your MASK line to make sure it's correct. To indicate the directory structure the ship's graphics are in, use "/", not "\".

As cool as indestructible ships may sound, it's probably not a terribly useful thing to be able to mod intentionally. For one thing, it's not reliable. IIRC, the slash/backslash typo only makes ships invulnerable in the mac version of WW:RTIS, and might not have the same effect on the PC version. What's more, even if it is working, it's got to be terribly frustrating to a player to have their flotilla torn apart by an enemy they can't possibly do damage to. Proceed with caution, and use sparingly if at all.

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