Problem - Too Few Quests Or Races


Note: If you haven't altered distribution.ini, and haven't deleted or altered any of the quests or races from the main game, then you shouldn't be having this problem. If you've done none of those, then your problem lies elsewhere. See Symptom - Random start-up crashes instead.

In order to run properly, a game of Weird Worlds needs:

  • a certain number of "random" races on the map
  • a certain number of "event" quests on the map
  • a certain number of "ally" quests on the map

If, for whatever reason, the game cannot meet those requirements, it will crash before you ever get to the star map. You'll have a mission briefing, and then it'll stall and hang, or crash to the desktop.

How many you need depends on your map size:

Map Size random races random allies random events
Small Map 3 2 2
Medium Map 4 3 3
Large Map 5 4 4

Conveniently, the main game has 6 random races. You can delete or reflag any one, and it won't crash the game. Delete or reflag a second one, though, and you'll end up with trouble.
The game has 8 ally quests, and 15 event quests. They're unlikely to be the cause of your problems, unless you've deleted or altered an awful lot of content from the main game.


You're on a page with the word "Problem" in big letters at the top, so I'm going to assume you're here because of a crash or glitch. Maybe you deleted a couple races or quests, and now the game is crashing on the larger map sizes. So what can we do about it? The solution is relatively easy and painless.

We'll open a single file, and just tell the game to run with fewer races, allies or events. Luckily, those requirements and limits can be altered by modifying distribution.ini. If you really feel you need to remove some content from the game, you can go change the numbers to allow the game to function with fewer of any given category.

If you look in distribution.ini, you'll see three blocks that look like this, but for the different map sizes:

SIZE 960
NEBU 120 180 240
SCRN 96 112 128
SCRE 96 112 128

The relevant lines are ENMY, ALLY and EVNT.

  • ENMY is the minimum number of races with "FLAG random". It determines how many races the game will put on the board at the start of the game.
  • ALLY is the minimum number of quests that add a ship to your flotilla, all of which must have "FLAG ally".
  • EVNT is the minimum number of quests with the "FLAG event".

Just change the number following the code, and you'll alter how many of that type of race or quest is needed in the game. You can always set the number to less than how many exist in your mod, that will make the game randomly choose amongs them. If you set the number to exactly how many exist in your mod, the game will (theoretically at least) place them all. But if the number is higher than how many you have available in the mod, it'll just crash.

Alternately, another option would be to add more "random" races and "event" quests to your mod to replace those you removed or reflagged.

How this interacts with KEYS

When I said the game had "8 ally quests, and 15 event quests. They're unlikely to be the cause of your problems," I was over-simplifying.

Unless you add additional content of your own, consider this the real limit of what you can change distribution.ini to:

Map Size random races random allies random events
Limit 6 4 7

You see, your mod needs to generate the required number of quests without KEYS getting in the way. The game picks quests one at a time, and won't pick one that shares the same KEYS as a previously chosen quest.

Allies and KEYS

Here's a list of existing ally quests and keys:

KEYS Ally quests that have it
allyfighter mephit, ripcord, slasher, sotapanna
garthmerc bloodfang, slasher
mukmerc farseeker, mephit
terranmerc marauder, ripcord
zorgmerc kuti, sotapanna

On a certain level, the existence of these KEYS effectively reduces the number of available allies. If you set the large map to require 5 allies, for example, the game would crash unless you added new quests and ships of your own. As it stands, there game can only generate at most 4 allies, one of each of the four races.1

Events and KEYS

A similar limit exists with the event quests.

KEYS Event quests that have it
broodtowers2 brood, brood2
intruder saboteur, thief
place brood, chasm, colony, epsilon, gardens, glades, quicksilver, underdelve,
spacehulk spacehulk, spacehulk2
unstablestar nova

Curiously, the shrimp, stasiscone, and whales quests lack any KEYS3 and the nova event has a set of KEYS that it keeps all to itself.

The upshot of all this is that the highest value you could set to the EVNT line without causing a crash or needing to add extra quests of your own is 7. That would generate 1 of each category (except broodtowers4), plus all three of the KEYS-less events.

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