Problem - Too Many "Always" Quests

This page describes a problem that can happen with a mod. The symptoms are that the mod crashes only on the small map (or maybe small and medium, but not large). It crashes after you've chosen a map size and mission type, after the mission briefing, but before the star map is generated, and before your ship appears at Glory.

Caveat: This problem was identified by another user at the Shrapnel forums a couple years ago, and I haven't experienced it myself personally. I mention this Problem with some hesitation, because it's also possible the crash was being caused by a bug in one of the quests, and the fact that quest was set to always just made it happen more often, instead of the always FLAG itself being the cause of the trouble. But, unless proven otherwise, we'll proceed with solutions based on his conclusion being correct.

The conclusion the other modder1 came up with was that his crashes were caused by having too many "always" quests in his mod. He never said exactly how many was too many, but presumably he had a lot, and he said reducing the number of always quests made the game stop crashing on small maps.

The conclusion then is that if you have a large number of quests with the line FLAG always it may cause crashes on the small map.

So, ask yourself: have you added a bunch of "always" quests to your mod?

  • If you have, then chose one of the solutions below.
  • If you haven't, then it was probably dumb random luck that whatever's causing the problem keeps coming up on the small map, and chances are it could eventually come up on any map.2 Go back to Symptom - Crashes after mission briefing and maybe start six more games to test for other patterns.


Here's your options on how to deal with this problem:

  • You could set some of your "always" quests to have a different FLAG, such as event or ally. This is an untested solution, but it's a logical conclusion that this should work.
  • You could set some of your "always" quests to have the FLAG never, and then instead trigger them using mission.ini. That's another untested solution, but again a logical conclusion.
  • You could roll several of your "always" quests into one another. Combine them, but be careful about the endquest command. You'll want to "endquest" sparringly, or not at all, and break more often. Again, this is an untested solution, and it's probably the most complicated solution presented here.
  • If all else fails, you could just delete quests, but it sucks to do, so you probably want to try one of the other solutions first.
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