SIZE is a code that appears in the .ini files of items.

  • It's a required code for systems, weapons, drives, and thrusters. In other words, everything you can install in a ship. It's not needed for things you just haul around in your cargo bay.
  • In the default, unmodded game, there are only two size levels, "SIZE 1" and "SIZE 2"
    • SIZE 1 items can fit on any ship.
    • SIZE 2 items can only be installed on capital ships, and will not fit in fighters.
      • If you try to install a SIZE 2 item in a fighter, it'll make the little "no"/bonk noise, and won't go in.
  • In the (hull).ini files, the SYST, ENGN, THRU and WEAP lines determine what SIZE of systems (etc) will fit in the slots of a ship.
    • Each SYST, ENGN, and THRU line of a hull in the main game ends with either the number 1 or 2.
      • If it ends with a 1, only small (SIZE 1) items can fit in that slot. The slots on fighters in the maingame usually end with a 1.
      • If it ends with a 2, items of either size (SIZE 1 or SIZE 2) can fit in the slot. The slots on capital ships in the maingame always end with a 2.
    • WEAP lines have the same format as SYST, ENGN and THRU, except with one more other variable at the end. So, for WEAP lines, the thing that determines what size of weapon fits in the slot is not the last number, it's the 7th number, which is the second-to-the-last number. In all other ways, it works the same as for SYST, ENGN and THRU.
    • In a mod, you're free to break the limitation of always ending the lines on fighters with a 1, and ending the lines on capital ships with a 2.
      • You could make a fighter that can carry SIZE 2 armaments.
      • You could make a capital ship that can only use the smaller "fighter-sized" SIZE 1 systems.
      • You don't even have to be consistent on a single vessel. You could make a ship that has a main SIZE 2 weapon and smaller SIZE 1 additional weapon slots, or a capital ship that can only use small thrusters, but large systems of all other types. Mix and Match. Have some fun with it.
  • It's also possible to go above the number 2 in a mod. A couple of mods include a few SIZE 3 weapons, which can only fit in the very largest ships. To do this, you just set the SIZE value to 3 on an item you'd like to "supersize", and then make sure your mod includes at least one hull with a "3" instead of a 1 or 2 in the ENGN, SYST, THRU or WEAP line.
    • The downside to this is that a player can't tell the weapon slots apart by sight in-game. You may want to include text on the item explaining what ships can mount it.
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