STAR Block

The STAR block is a section that appears in most quests. It's called the STAR block for three reasons:

  1. It starts with the line "STAR" and ends with the line "END STAR".
  2. Between those commands are a block of codes and text.
  3. It typically creates a star (and corresponding planet) on the star map.

The STAR block(s) go near the top of the file, above the CONDITION block and PAGE blocks, but below the initial FLAG and KEYS lines of the quest.

Any given quest may have up to 4 STAR blocks in it, and they are numbered STAR 0 to STAR 3. These numbers can be used in the STR0 entries of CONDITIONs to designate those stars, such as when the explore (or fleetarrive or fleetleave) command tells the quest to trigger a PAGE when you arrive at the planet the quest created. This is a basic and important function of the how the game sets up event quests, like the epsilon station or calatian colony.

Codes and Commands

Source: Modmaker's Guide To The Galaxy
STAR block commands

Commands that are used between the STAR <n> and END STAR. The STAR block is used to "set up" a location to be used by the quest, which may involve creating new planets, placing items and alien fleets or initializing user variables.

The typical STAR block features some or all of the following codes and commands:

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