"Structural" is a FLAG that appears only on drives, fighterbays, thrusters, weapons, and other systems.

That is to say, it's found on items that you would normally install on a ship. However, the Structural tag specifically exists to keep you from installing them on a ship. Conceptually, the tag changes the given item from being a modular part you can install and remove, and turns it instead into a major element of the ships hull that can't be traded out. If an item has the structural tag, it will only work on ships that are specifically assigned that item on a SYST line in the (race).ini files. It will be "hardwired" into them, and impossible to remove.

Should such an item be found randomly (such as on a planet), it will be unusable. You can't install it on a ship. Despite being shaped like a system of some sort, it will be no more useful than a lifeform or other random bit of loot. To cut down on the confusion this might otherwise generate, in the main game any item with the structural tag also has the nogen FLAG. The most obvious example is the cobalt torpedoes on the Damocles, but the same combination of flags is also on all the Kawangi, Ravian, and Tchorak weapons in the main game.

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