Symptom - Crashes At The Scoreboard


Sometimes it happens that a mod will crash every time you look at the scoreboard. You'll click on the scoreboard button, and the game will crash, or it will crash when you go there at the end of a high-scoring game. It's even possible that it will only crash when looking at the scores for a particular size of map.

Problem / Cause:

The cause of this is that something has changed about the ships that appear on the scoreboard.

  • These sort of crashes usually start happening only if you alter the hulls or race that the player starts as.
  • They can also happen if you played the game using an older pre-patched version of Weird Worlds, and then installed the patch and started again.
  • It's also possible that changes to the retirement jobs list or a GOVR code might cause such crashes. I haven't seen it myself, but it's logical that either could be the cause of the problem, if you have entries on the scoreboard that no longer appear in the mod.
  • If your scoreboard was generated on a radically different computer (such as if you've transferred which computer you play on, and ported over all your old high scores, or if the mod you just downloaded had a game.cfg file in it already), it's possible it might lead to this sort of crash.


The good news is, regardless of the cause of these sorts of crashes, this is a really easy problem to fix. The bad news is, when you fix it, you're going to lose all your entries on the scoreboard. There doesn't seem to be a way around that.

The solution is to delete the game.cfg file from the mod. Note that I said game.cfg, not .ini. Deleting the game.ini would ruin your mod, so be careful. If you don't know the difference between game.cfg and game.ini, go read the appropriate pages before you delete anything.

The game.cfg file holds all your high scores, including ones that can no longer display correctly because the ships, races, or retirement jobs no longer match up to what's in the mod. Delete that file, and the next time you start the game, your problem should be solved. Whenever Weird Worlds is loaded, if there's no game.cfg file in your mod, it creates a brand new one. The new file will match the current settings of the mod, so there'll be no problem with the new file.

This scoreboard crash is one reason why you should always delete the .cfg files of any mod you upload to the forums or otherwise distribute.

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