Symptom - Crashes During Game

There are a variety of problems that can occur in a mod, that may result in your game stalling out or crashing to the desktop in the middle of play.

The most important step to diagnosing your problem is noting when (and in what circumstances) the mod crashes. If you are already certain when it crashes, you can just click on the corresponding link from this list:

Diagnosing the problem

If you're uncertain what's causing the problem exactly, then it's most likely an item, quest or planet. Distinguishing between them can be tricky. All three will usually result in a crash as you arrive at the planet where they spawn.

First, ask yourself "Has the crash ever happened on a homeworld, or when trading with the Klakar fleet?"

If the answer is "no", then go play the game a couple more times to gather more information.

Play with a notebook or scratch paper out, and write down every quest you encounter, and item you pick up. The things on that list are the ones you know aren't causing the problem. After a few plays, unless your mod is very large, you should be have eliminated the vast majority of your quests and items.

Diagnosing Quests

If you're left with a few quests you haven't seen, you can now label and test any quests that trigger at planets. (And, if your mod is small and includes just a few quests, you could start with this method instead of making a list of things that don't crash.) To label a quest, simply add the following line to the STAR block of the quest

STRN Quest1

Do roughly the same with all your quests, but changing the actual name from "Quest1" to whatever name makes it easy for you to identify and remember the quest. Then run the mod again. You'll find that the star map clearly calls out your quests, so you can fly straight to them. You can then figure out which quests are and aren't working.

If you find a particular quest is causing the crash, you'll probably find a solution at Symptom - Crashes when a particular quest is triggered.

Sometimes, however, you'll find it's actually an item that quest generates, or the planet at the quest that causes the trouble. If your quest generates a specific item, take a look at Symptom - Crashes when a particular item is generated. If your quest takes place on a custom planet using a unique picture or planet type, check Symptom - Crashes when you arrive at a particular planet.

Once you've fixed the quest, don't forget to go back and remove / change the STRN line.

Diagnosing items

If you've eliminated all possibility of any of your quests being the source of the problem (such as by using the scratch paper list or quest-renaming tricks above), it's highly likely the problem is an item.

To figure out which one, add a copy of the haven.ini quest to your mod. Open haven.ini and change the three ITEM lines. Delete wp_beamlasr, wp_gausscan, and wp_missfusr and replace them with three of your items. Then launch the mod, and those three items will appear at Glory.
If the game crashes before you can go anywhere, you know it's one of those three items that needs to be fixed.
If it doesn't crash right away, play a game and then quit. Change those three items for three other items from your mod, and launch it again. Repeat until you figure out which item is causing the trouble.
Once you know the problem item, go to Symptom - Crashes when a particular item is generated

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