Symptom - Crashes On A Specific Mission

If your game crashes on a certain mission type, there's a few possibilities1 of what could be causing the trouble.

  • Ship graphics: Have you altered the graphics files that make up the player's starting hull / ship? Check the (hull).ini files, to make sure the GFXP and ICON lines refer to the right files and frames.
  • Item graphics: Does the starting ship for this mission include any custom systems, drives, thrusters or weapons? If so, experiment by putting them on one of the other starting ships. If that mission then crashes, you know where your problem lies. It's probably another GFXP or ICON problem, but it could also be a typo in the SYST line of the (race).ini files. Make sure that those lines all reference the correct file names.
  • QEST lines: Do you have any custom quests that only appear in a particular mission, and are supposed to be triggered by the QEST command? They could be causing the problem. Check the QEST line for typos. If that doesn't find the cause, check game.ini - if the mod is told to manually trigger a quest that's not listed in game.ini, it can grow unstable.

If none of the above stand out as the cause of your trouble, you should test your mod at least 6 more times, trying a large and a small map for each mission.

If any of the issues on the list above are the cause of your problem, they should be consistent. If the crash is only happening 70% of the time on a given mission, then the mission is not actually the problem.2 Swapping map sizes and launching a lot of games can help sort out exactly what's causing the problem.

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