Symptom - Crashes When A Particular Item Is Generated

Lets say your mod crashes when a particular specific item is generated. You know this because a particular quest or device generates the item, and the game crashes at the moment this should be happening.

There's three possible causes to the crash:

  • Problem: It's probably the GFXP line in the item itself. This seems to be the single most common cause of item-related crashes.
    • Solution: Double-check that the image file referenced exists in the first place, then check for typos, and that the file extensions match.
  • Problem: It could also be that the item is not in your game.ini file, or has a typo in it's entry there.
    • Solution: Look in game.ini. Check for typos there. The line in the ITEMS section of game.ini must list the file name, without the ".ini" extension.1
  • Problem: It could be the ITEM (code) or ITMS line. Usually this doesn't result in a crash, but stranger things have happened. I'd check this last, because the other two listed problems are more likely to be the cause.
    • Solution: You should be using the "ITEM" command, not "ITMS". ITMS is for random generation, not specifying a particular item. So make sure the line says ITEM and then the file name of the item, without the ".ini" ending2.
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