Symptom - Graphics Error - Displaying All Frames

One or more pictures in your mod aren't displaying correctly. Instead of displaying the single frame of the .jpg that it should, instead it displays the entire jpeg (all the frames!), but above where the picture normally would be.

In-Game Caution: This problem may crash the mod, especially if you click on the item. Once you see this problem pop up, if you want to keep playing or record this game on your scoreboard, you'd best not mess with the item. Leave it on the planet where you found it, and don't click on it or hover the mouse over it.

Problem: Your GFXP or ICON entry lists the wrong frame number, or lacks a frame number entirely. If it lists a frame number that's higher than any existing frame in the image, it'll display as described in the bug. The same thing can happen if you forget to list a frame number.

Solution: Just change the frame number at the end of the GFXP or ICON entry that called up the picture.

  • Remember that the first frame is actually Frame Zero, and the numbers progress to the right. That means the first frame of the second row will either be 4 or 8, depending on how many images are in the file you're looking at.
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