TEXT is a common code element that's used throughout the game.

  • You'll most typically find it in the .ini files for both quests and items, but it's scattered amongst the other file types as well.
    • Every item must have a TEXT line.
    • In quests, TEXT is optional.
    • For the other file types, it varies file by file. So, further information is not available right now, but it will eventually end up here. (If you've got the time and inclination to do the analysis, here's a great way to get started on this wiki! We could use your time and efforts.)
  • TEXT, as the name implies, tells the game to display some text for the player to read. The TEXT will be displayed to either the exploration window or in a popup, depending on the context of where the TEXT line occurs.

Formatting your TEXT

  • The text you wish to display goes immediately after the "TEXT" code.
    • For example, the TEXT line of the hydrogen fusion drive is as follows:

TEXT A ship with this type of star drive moves at twelve times the speed of light.

  • Your text can be a maximum length of 208 characters / letters.
  • It can be no more than 8 lines of text. Every 26 characters displays on a new line.
    • Manual line breaks can be inserted by typing <br> in the midst of your text. See br for full details.
    • The game "justifies" the words on the lines of your text. That is to say, the space between letters may automatically adjusted depending on how many words appear on a given line. It also doesn't cut words apart or hyphenate them. It's entirely possible to have less than 200 characters and no manual line breaks, but still have the text overflow because of a preponderance of long words.
  • If you exceed those limits the text will "overflow". This just means the last few words don't display, and only the first 8 lines (of up to 26 letters each) will appear on screen. Overflowing words are just lost, there's no way the player can see them.
  • You can change the color of the text by inserting <color=xyz> . See color for full details.

Specialized TEXT variants in (race).ini files

The primary .ini files for alien races have some variants on the TEXT code. It has different types of TEXT blocks.

  • In each of these variants, your text does not go on the same line as your TEXT.
    • Instead a particular keyword or qualifier immediately follows TEXT.
    • The words you wish to display start on the next line.
    • The line after that has the END code.

Here's an example of that formatting from the garthans race file.

TEXT description
A large carnivorous cold-blooded lizardoid, physically very strong and tough but somewhat slow. As warriors and slave lords, they demonstrate their violent tendencies with a religious fervor.

The racial TEXT variant codes are as follows:

The three on that list that contain the word "greet" can actually support having multiple blocks of text, and the game will choose between them randomly. Here's an example of it in action, again drawn from the garthan.ini file:

TEXT greethostile
<color=990>You are seen! Soft and fat you are and weak. Prepare to battle! We destroy your ship and feast on your hollow bones. If not we decide and then you are slaves!<color=999>
<color=990>You are fools! You enter Garthan red zone! This is Garthan space always. In combat we meet you. In battle we crush you and destroy your pitiful ship!<color=999>
<color=990>We scan you! You are foolish invaders! We relish your destruction. You are no match to our might. You are helpless monkey-men. Our warriors proudly slay you!<color=999>

  • Note that a normal line break ( not <br> ) is used to split the text lines. That's how the game knows where one starts and another ends.
    • An outgrowth of that is the need to put the start and end color codes on every line.
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