"Toxic" is a planet class, and an item distribution flag.

Toxic as an Item Distribution Flag

If an item has a DIST line with the entry "toxic", then it can be found at two types of planets: volcanic and toxic worlds.

Volcanic and toxic planets, and their corresponding items, show up quite at a variety of starclasses. In roughly descending order or likelihood, these items can show up at bluegt, exotic, blue, blwhite, binary, redgt and green. More than half of all items found at [[[blue giant]] or exotic stars will be items with the "hot" tag.

Toxic as a Planet Class

In the absence of mods, "toxic" is designated Planet Class "J". As mentioned above, "toxic" planets also have the item distribution flag of "toxic".

A "toxic" planet can appear as a planet at stars of the following star classes, in roughly descending order of probability: bluegt, exotic, blwhite, blue, binary, and redgt.

Source: Main game files, toxic1.ini
TEXT Toxic hellworlds are hot, geologically young and possess either poisonous or corrosive atmospheres. Many toxic planets are dangerously radioactive.

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