The word "tutorial" is a FLAG used on a single quest in the main (unmodded) game. It's used in the first flag line, at the top of the tutorial.ini quest, after the words FLAG always, but before anything else.

  • The tutorial "quest" is used for tutorial messages, helpful explanations of how things work and how the game plays.
    • The "tutorial" flag is what causes this advice to be displayed separately from other quest messages. It does so, so they can work simultaneously. When you meet the klakar, for example, the klakarbeacon quest triggers at the same time as the tutorial screen about trading with aliens. They appear in different windows, but at the same time, because of how "tutorial" processes.
  • Viewing the tutorial screens can be disabled when you start a game, by clicking on a button on the page where you choose your starting ship.
    • Very few mods will want to make use of the tutorial flag, as most players disable the tutorial mode when playing. If you do use this flag, you can't be certain the players will ever see it.
  • The existing tutorial quest also uses the "always" FLAG. If it didn't the tutorial probably wouldn't trigger or display. Not sure if this would cause a crash or not.

Tutorial Condition

Tutorial is also a CONDITION TYPE that can appear in a quest. Again, it only appears in a single quest in the main game. It's followed by a PAR0 entry that determines which tutorial situation has been triggered. That PAR0 can be valued at 0 to 9, and each value corresponds to a different situation. Here's the list.

  • 0: Triggered very early in the game, before you can go anywhere.
  • 1: Triggered the first time you arrive at a homeworld of an alien race.
  • 2: Triggered when you first arrive at the homeworld of the Klakar (or any other race you create with the trader FLAG).
  • 3: Triggered the first time you find an item on a planet.
  • 4: Triggered the first time an event quest occurs.
  • 5: Triggered when you first add an ally to your flotilla.
  • 6: Triggered the first time you encounter unknown aliens.
  • 7: Triggered at the start of your first combat.
  • 8: Triggered at the end of combat, the first time one of your ships has suffered damage that must be repaired after the fight.
  • 9: Triggered as you're getting ready to go into combat the first time you have two or more ships in your flotilla and are about to start a fight. (I think.)

Note that these are tied into the tutorial system discussed earlier on the page, and will only trigger if the player has tutorials enabled. You have no way of forcing the player to keep tutorials enabled, so you can't control whether or not these ever trigger.

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