TYPE is a code used in all items to differentiate what they do, and how the game should interact with them.

There are two places TYPE can appear in the .ini files of an item.

First Instance

The first place is just before the DATA block.

Second Instance

The second place TYPE can appear is inside the DATA block.

  • This second instance is only used in systems (specifically meaning items that fit into round slots on a ship), to differentiate between what the system does.
  • These systems can have one of 8 different types. That is to say, the code TYPE is immediately followed by one (and only one) of these 8 words:
  • Each of those keywords designates a different different protocol for parsing the parameters that follow on the subsequent lines.
    • For example, a computer and a shield both have PAR 0, but they do very different things with that PAR0 line.
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