The FLAG "unique" is only used on items.

If an item is set to be unique, it means only one can appear on the whole star map. You can't even WISH for an item with unique, if such an item is already on a planet somewhere. Strangely enough, most of the non-tech items in the game have unique. All the lifeforms do, as do nearly all the artifacts. About the only things that aren't unique are the things you can install onboard a ship, such as weapons, systems, etc, and even a few of them are unique (the hyper drive and reactionless thruster both spring to mind).

The ITEM command in a quest will over-ride unique, however. If you tell the game to place a specific item at a particular planet, it will do so.

The ITMS command does not over-ride unique. If used in a quest it will not generate any unique items that are already found elsewhere on the map. Using the command "ITMS 1 unique" will generate a random item that has the unique FLAG and hasn't yet appeared on the map. As mentioned above, very many different things have the unique FLAG, so this would generate anything except the most common starship equipment.

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